Support Disaster Assistance for Farms - September 15, 2011

Farm Bureau Alert September 14, 2011
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E-Lobby to support Disaster Assistance for Farms

Rep. Chris Gibson has introduced a bill (HR 2905) that would help uninsured farmers in counties impacted by Tropical Storms Irene and Lee access federal disaster funds. Many farmers in the disaster areas do not have crop insurance or NAP coverage on all their crops, which is required to access USDA disaster assistance programs. This bill would waive that requirement so farmers could use SURE (for vegetable and other farms), ELAP (for livestock feed purchases) and TAP (for orchard and nursery replanting).

While not all counties have received disaster declarations at this time, NYFB is working hard to make sure that happens. In the meantime, we need to gain momentum to move this legislation forward in the House to help ensure that farmers will have the assistance they need. The Senate has a similar bill that would allow farmers to access disaster assistance programs and Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand are working together with their House colleagues to advance legislation in both houses.

Currently Reps. Buerkle, Hanna, Hayworth, Hinchey, Owens, and Tonko are co-sponsors of HR 2905. Even if you live in one of their districts, or if you are outside the disaster area, we urge you to send an E-Lobby letter to your representative today to show your support for this legislation and encourage them to actively pursue its passage. Thank you.

E-Lobby: Support disaster assistance for farms

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