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Enhancing agricultural and rural health by preventing and treating occupational injury and illness.

The mission of the New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH) is: "Enhancing agricultural and rural health by preventing and treating occupational injury and illness". Our mission is carried out through the provision of Research, Outreach, Education, and Clinical Consultation services by a professional interdisciplinary staff that includes: epidemiologists, biostatisticians, social workers, information specialists, occupational health nurses, educators, physicians, bilingual safety specialists and support staff.

Current research projects address challenges in surveillance of injuries, community-based initiatives to address migrant occupational health challenges and tractor rollover protection. Outreach and education activities include on-farm safety training and surveys and farm emergency response training in the areas of first aid, CPR, and fire extinguisher training. Clinical Consultation is provided through our Farmers' Occupational Health Clinic, a diagnostic clinic that can include a worksite assessment as needed. Our center also includes a library which serves the agricultural community, as well as safety and health professionals. Social work services are provided as part of the Farm Partners program which provides free and confidential counseling and case management assistance to farmers and their families. We have also grown to include HealthWorks-a fee for service program, developed in response to the needs of small rural businesses, to provide pre-placement and annual employee evaluations and assure OSHA compliance.