Dairy Safety Training Videos

High Plains Intermountain Center for Agricultural Health & Safety (HICAHS) Dairy Safety Training Videos

The dairy industry plays a big role in the economy of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and many other states. Today's dairy workforce needs to know how to handle large animals, operate specialized equipment, and deal with extreme weather conditions without harming themselves or animals.

In this video series created by HICAHS, "Considering Human and Animal Safety," best practices are outlined on how to safely and productively care for dairy cows while reducing risk of injury to yourself. These videos are a great onboarding tool for new workers. All videos are available in English and Spanish.

Watch these videos here at the HICAHS website or use the links below.


Dairy Safety Training Video Introduction to Part I

1.      Introduction

English: http://youtu.be/CcJuf7wNu0o                                                                                                                                   

Spanish: http://youtu.be/C6GE15_rRxw


2.      Outside Animal Care (Part I, Section 1)

English: http://youtu.be/oZdiYKe4Qpo

Spanish: https://youtu.be/yj5hJ3zslIQ


3.      Milking Barn Safety (Part I, Section 2)

English: http://youtu.be/wyrwkMalUS8

Spanish: https://youtu.be/5n61W1RPdtA


4.      Feeding and Other Safety Issues (Part I, Section 3)

English: http://youtu.be/xXCbJtMeFxo

Spanish: https://youtu.be/CSb1ZCDKje0


Dairy Safety Training Video Part II (English)

5.      General & Outside Worker Safety (Part II, Section 1)

English: http://youtu.be/x8MmZv8v4Dw

Spanish: http://youtu.be/ly7x6HKGHNE


6.      Milker & Calf Caretaker Safety (Part II, Section 2)

English: http://youtu.be/E1p-8dEk7CM

Spanish: https://youtu.be/pfX3GgvKAyY 


7.      Feeder Safety (Part II, Section 3)

English: http://youtu.be/uwG9T_5Yod4

Spanish: https://youtu.be/l8uwWgzTwFU