Exploratory Research / Feasibility Studies

Surveillance #3 Northeast tracking of emerging issues in Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

In keeping with the Center's charge to continually monitor the agriculture, forestry and fishing industry, in order to determine whether economic or technological changes are presenting new safety and health challenges, the NEC conducts annual reviews of the AFF sector.

2010 Assessment - In 2010, the NYCAMH Surveillance group undertook a comprehensive assessment of the agriculture, fishing and forestry health and safety needs in the Northeast. This was largely focused on the Northeast Center as it was preparing to develop a new five-year program plan. Researchers combined four types of information:

  • Input from agricultural stakeholders from all over the Northeast Region
  • Outcomes of previous NEC research and expertise
  • Available epidemiologic data from the Region and the US
  • Input from NYCAMH Advisory Board and our Northeast Center members

What resulted from this 18 month process was a clear definition of priority areas for Northeast Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (AFF) work for the coming five years. Researchers were then challenged to present study and program ideas that fit into those priority categories.

  • Addressing major health & safety threats to NE agriculture
  • Expand focus to more fully address forestry and fishing
  • Developing the capacity of these industries to identify & address their health & safety problems
  • Collaborating with other centers to address national level health threats

In responding to these needs, the Northeast Center identified its major strengths:

  1. Epidemiology (surveillance, evidence-based)
  2. Engineering solutions
  3. Social marketing/behavioral science
  4. Vulnerable populations
  5. On-the-farm programming

These complement NYCAMH's strong medical and mental health service program, and its on-farm training and prevention capabilities. This framework was utilized for developing the 2010 Northeast Center.