Exploratory Research / Feasibility Studies

North Country Dairy 1st Aid Trainings

For this project, NYCAMH has partnered with the Opportunities for Oswego outreach team in Jefferson and Lewis counties in northern New York. Information regarding priority areas to address was gathered at migrant coalition meetings, farm owner interviews and farmworker focus groups. Response to farm emergencies and Hispanic farmworker knowledge of farm location to provide key information to emergency personnel is the top concern in this location.

NYCAMH already offers on farm safety trainings including certified CPR and First Aid trainings. However, these trainings can take up to three hours to complete and farmworker time constraints can limit participation. Using farm injury surveillance data currently being collected by NYCAMH, a revised emergency response training has been developed with a focus on the most common farm injuries identified by the surveillance data. These injuries include:

  • Struck  equipment and animal related
  • Tractor rollovers
  • Falls from farm structures
  • Machinery entanglement
  • Tractor/equipment runovers

To address the concern of farmworker knowledge of location, NYCAMH developed an emergency information sheet that folds to business card size to carry in a wallet. The outside of the sheet contains emergency response procedures. The inside provides space for farmworkers to record contact information, farm owner data, farm location, emergency contacts and pertinent medical details such as any health conditions or current medications.

If you are a New York dairy farmer and interested in having this training provided to your farmworkers for free at your farm, please contact info@nycamh.org or call 800-343-7527.