PTO Shield Program

About the Shield

The BARE-Co universal fit shield is easy to use with its patented BARE-Co lever
release that allows for easy access to the driveline for maintenance. It is also easy
to order with two sizes that fit most equipment. The smaller diameter shields
fit shafts with a yoke bearing groove diameter 1 5/16" to 2 1/8"; larger
diameter shields fit shafts with a yoke bearing groove diameter
2" to 3 1/8". An assortment of bearings is included
with each shield.

Shields are also
available in 3 lengths:

  • Short - cover drivelines up to 5'
  • Mid-length - up to 7'
  • Long-length -up to 10'
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Universal Fit PTO Shield in under 10 minutes!

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  • A Power take-off shield can wrap your arm or leg around the PTO shaft nine times in one second at 540 PTO rpm, or nearly 16 times in one second at 1000 PTO rpm.
  • PTO entanglements are one of the top three causes of fatal injuries on United States farms.
  • Amputations occur 28-43% of the time in PTO entanglements.
  • 21% of PTO entanglements occur among children.
  • PTO shields are missing on 1/3-1/2 of all PTO drivelines.

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