Hands-on Chainsaw Safety Training

NYCAMH has partnered with Bill Lindloff's ProCuts to offer Game of Logging trainings to farmers across New York. We subsidized the cost of the class through a generous grant from the New York State Department of Health. Game of Logging is widely recognized as a leader in logging safety. The program combines traditional 'classroom' lecture with a hands-on component, so students can put their newly learned skills to the test. In the past few years, over 400 participants have been trained through this partnership between NYCAMH and ProCuts. We hope to continue this program in the future, if funding allows.

Similar forestry safety training courses are offered to members of the Empire State Forest Products Association. Information on these trainings can be found at www.newyorkloggertraining.org.

On-site workshops are available through NYCAMH, covering safe chainsaw use which covers equipment, operation and storage. This session is intended to be an introduction and is not adequate preparation for felling standing trees. Participants will not be using a chainsaw as part of the workshop; however, they might see a ham get mangled. Contact NYCAMH directly for more information regarding this classroom safety training.