Farm Safety Trainings

Melissa helping two farmworkers put on their respirators Melissa helping two farmworkers put on their respirators

On-Farm Fit Testing

The purpose of a respirator is to prevent the inhalation of harmful airborne substances. If you or your employees conduct do any of the following you may require respiratory protection:

-Cleaning barns or other animal confinement areas

-Mixing footbath chemicals

-Applying pesticides, fertilizers, or other crop chemicals

-Silo filling, unloading, or maintenance

-Other grain or silage handling activities

Masks and respirators must be carefully selected to match each respiratory hazard. A respirator must fit your face properly, be NIOSH certified, and be appropriate to the hazard to provide adequate respiratory protection. One-strap disposable masks are not NIOSH certified and do not provide respiratory protection in any situation.

OSHA requires that a fit test be performed with the same make, model, style, and size of respirator before it is used.

NYCAMH can provide services for proper fit, use, limitations, and maintenance of respirators and cartridges, or we can connect you with a similar facility closer to you for these services. Contact us for additional respirator information.