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Play It Safe Game

Play It Safe is an educational game designed by NYCAMH to reinforce farm safety practices in a fun, competitive atmosphere. Topics in the game include:

  • machinery safety
  • chemical safety
  • animal handling
  • emergency management
  • personal protective equipment

Teams earn points for correct answers and the team with the most points wins!


  • 2 to 50 people can play
  • Age range is 10 to adult
  • Ideal for playing in a classroom or around the kitchen table
  • Questions and answers have been reviewed by farm safety and health experts.


The goal of the game it to increase the farm family's ability to recognize and avoid farm hazards.

For More information on Play It Safe

Contact us: 800.343.7527

Youth Farm Safety Activities and Trainings

Youth farm safety activities are available to 4-H agricultural clubs, high school and college agriculture classes, Mennonite schools and other youth groups. Activities facilitated by a NYCAMH safety trainer can include presentations at farm safety days, on-farm safety surveys or trainings, tractor/machinery operator classes coordinated by county Cooperative Extension 4-H programs, and the Play-it-Safe Farm Safety Challenge Game.

For more information contact us at 800.343.7527

Farm Hazard Display Board

This display is used at outreach events such as farm shows, to allow children to identify and discuss the dangers that could be on their family farm. Common farm hazards are depicted using toy models. Some of the dangers that can be seen on this display are falls, tractors, equipment, runovers, extra riders, animals, chemicals, and drowning.