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Play It Safe: a few sample questions

Question Answer
1. Why shouldn't you wear a Nylon jacket while working on the farm? It doesn't rip if you should become entangled in machinery. (Rip-stop nylon) The jacket could suffocate you. Also, nylon melts with close contact to flames.
2a.If you've been grinding metal without safety glasses and think you may have gotten a fragment in your eye, what should you do? Go to the doctor or Emergency dept. at the hospital to have the fragment removed. Metal can form a dust ring on your eye which has to be removed in order for the eye to heal properly. This is not something that can be done at home
2b. bonus) Bonus (10 pts) Do most non-prescription safety glasses cost less than or more than $10.00? Most cost less than $10.00
3a. Name two things you should wear if you are going to be outside during daylight hours.
  • Hat with a wide brim
  • Sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 or higher
  • Sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB (Ultraviolet radiation A and B) protection
  • Shirt with long sleeves
3b. Do baseball-type caps provide enough protection from the sun? No, there is no protection for the neck or tip of ears
4. True or False: Cartridge type respirators are usually available in sizes (S, M, L) and should be individually fit to you by a professional True. If you are wearing a respirator that doesn't fit you, it's almost like wearing nothing at all. There are no truly "one size fits all" respirators available. Respirators need to form a tight seal on your face in order to work properly. They must be the right size for your face. Beards and other facial hair will not allow the respirator to form a proper seal. If you need to use a respirator, the beard must be shaved off.
5. What is the "silent" epidemic among farmers? Hearing Loss
6. Name one way you can tell if the noise you are exposed to is dangerously loud
  1. You have to raise your voice to be heard over the noise, especially if someone is standing only 2 feet from you
  2. Noises around you sound muffled after leaving a noisy area. You may have difficulty hearing someone on the telephone or you may have to turn up your television's sound
  3. You have pain or ringing in your ears after exposure to noise
7a. True or False: Listening to music through "walkman" type headphones can help to protect your ears from loud noise while you work False. Doing this can actually compound the noise as the "walkman" volume would need to be turned up to a dangerous level in order to hear the music over the work noise
7b. 20 points: Name another reason why wearing a "walkman" while working is dangerous. It can distract you from your job and may make it impossible for you to hear warning shouts.
8a. Name two pieces of machinery on the farm that can cause hearing loss
  • Tractor
  • Silo blower
  • Chain Saw
  • Gun
  • Grinder
  • Bedding chopper
  • Snowmobile
  • All Terrain Vehicle
  • Lawn mower
  • Combine
  • Silo unloader
  • Feed cart
  • Grain bin fan
8b. What two factors determine the degree of noise induced hearing loss you will sustain if you are exposed to noise?
  1. Loudness of the noise  the louder the noise, the more damage can occur
  2. Length of time you are exposed to the loud noise  the longer you are exposed to harmful noise, the more damage can occur


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