Sue Ackerman, RN
NYCAMH Office Manager
607-547-6023 #2202

Karen Anderson, BSIS
Education/Outreach Supervisor
607-547-6023 #2231
Communicating Science to the Public, Information Systems, Program Evaluation, Sustainable Community Development, Farm Viability, Qualitative Research, Social and Environmental Justice

Ginny Barton
Community Heart Program Coordinator and Coronary Heart Disease Risk Educator
607-547-6023 #2225

Pauline Boyer
Education/Outreach Coordinator
607-547-6023 #2238

Rosemary Brodersen, BS
Administrative Assistant and Office Receptionist
607-547-6023 #2200

Jim Carrabba, MS
Agricultural Safety Specialist
607-547-6023 #2216
On-Farm Safety Services, Surveys, Safety Training, OSHA Compliance Consulting for Farms, Agricultural Safety Outreach Education to the Farm Community, First Aid and CPR training, Agricultural Hazard Awareness for Rural Firefighters and EMS Personnel

Stephen Clark, BS
Administrative Director
Grants Management, Business Analytics

Casie Collins
HealthWorks Operations Coordinator
607-547-6023 #2250

Deb Dalton, MLS
Information Specialist
607-547-6023 #2207
Literature Searches, EndNote, Editing

Maryellen Driscoll
Research Assistant
607-547-6023 #2208
Injury Surveillance and Occupational Health and Safety in AgFF

Jessica Echard, MS
Personal Flotation Device Project
Research Assistant
607-547-6023 #2222

Jennifer Farley
HealthWorks Project Coordinator
607-547-6023 #2253

José Flores
Bilingual Occupational Health Technician
607-547-6023 #2214

Judith Graham, RN
HealthWorks Occupational Health Nurse, Research Assistant
(607) 547-6023 # 2234
Occupational Health Services, Commercial Fishing Research, Injury Surveillance and Occupational Health and Safety in AgFF

Liane Hirabayashi, MA
Senior Research Coordinator
607-547-6023 #2215
Occupational Health and Safety in AFF, Injury Surveillance, Organizational Development, Complex Systems Modeling

Melissa Horsman
PPE Project Coordinator and Industrial Hygiene Specialist
607-547-6023 #2233
Industrial Hygiene, Respiratory Protection, Zoonotic Diseases

Paul Jenkins, PhD
NEC Biostatistician
Biometrics, Statistic Analysis, Clinical Research

Alissa Kent, BS
Outreach and Research Department Assistant
607-547-6023 #2213
Mapping, Databases, Outreach Events, Youth Education

Christine LaLonde-Meade
HealthWorks Occupational Health Services Supervisor
607-547-6023 #2226
Occupational Health, Curriculum Design, Ergonomics, Hearing Conservation, Health & Human Behavior, Framingham Heart Study

Cristy LeVeille
HealthWorks Occupational Health Technician
607-547-6023 #2252

Nora Lindner, MPH
Marketing Coordinator
607-547-6023 #2232
Marketing and Promotion, Social Media, Video, Health Communication, Social Behavior, Social Norms

John May, MD
HealthWorks Medical Director
NEC Research Scientist
607-547-6023 #2201
Occupational Medicine, Agricultural Injury and Illness, Rural Community Health, Employee Health

Anna Meyerhoff, BA
Senior Bilingual Agricultural Safety & Education Coordinator
607-547-6023 #2223
PPE, Occupational Health and Safety, Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers, Community-Based Participatory Research

Andy Meyers
Data Entry Clerk
607-547-6023 #2205

Patrick O'Hara, MS, LMSW
Clinical Case Manager
607-547-6023 #2206
Counseling and Case Management Services

Amanda Roberts
HealthWorks Occupational Health Technician
607-547-6023 #2237

Rebecca Russell, BS
National ROPS Rebate Program Hotline Coordinator
607-547-6023 #2212
Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) Assistance to Farmers in Multiple States, Research to Practice, Social Marketing, Occupational Health and Safety

Erika Scott, PhD
Deputy Director, NEC
607-547-6023 #2204
Injury Surveillance in AgFF, Forestry and Logging Safety, Occupational Health, and Industrial Hygiene

Julie Sorensen, PhD
Director, NEC
607-547-6023 #2210
Qualitative Research, Social Network Analysis, Social Marketing, Health & Human Behavior, Intervention Development, Occupational Health, Research to Practice

Pam Tinc, MPH
NEC Junior Research Investigator and National ROPS Rebate Program Project Coordinator
607-547-6023 #2230
ROPS, PTO, Qualitative Research, Research Translation, Health and Human Behavior, Intervention Development, Occupational Health and Safety

John VanDerwerken, BT
Agricultural Safety Educator
607-547-6023 #2203
On-Farm Safety Surveys

Rebecca Weil, MS, OTR/L
Commercial Fishing Research and Personal Flotation Device Project Coordinator
607-547-6023 #2229
Occupational Health, Qualitative Research, Research to Practice, Occupational Therapy

Wendy Whiteman
HealthWorks Marketing Coordinator
607-547-6023 #2254
All aspects of the Firefighter/EMS screenings except for scheduling; as well as customer service for firefighter/EMS personnel, Customer Service for new companies requesting health and safety services for their employees; OSHA requirements

Photo of Kathryn Clark

Kathryn Clark
Research Assistant
607-547-6023 #2228